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Healing Stories

It is an important part of the Tian Gong practice to exchange experiences and share them with others. In addition, it is one way we can give thanks to the Universe for its gifts to us. If you can, we can encourage you to write to us about your healing or practice experiences. It will go a long way towards inspiring others to believe that they can walk the same path of healing and awakening. In addition, your public message will further strengthen the results you are seeing because what we give to others always comes back to us many times over.

Thank you so much to everyone who has written to us. We hope to have more space to include all of your letters and emails soon!

My Volunteer Work Brought Me Financial Abundance Unexpectedly 26-Jul-2012

Note: The following is an excerpt from our class transcription where our wonderful long term practit..

Money Comes Miraculously When We Devote Ourselves Entirely to Serving Others 02-Apr-2012

Hello friends and family! I wish to share a story in hopes of inspiring you to no longer wo..

Mary's Experience Practicing Pathway-to-the-Universe Practice (Tong Tian Gong) 24-Feb-2012

A few weeks ago my friend Mary Perrin told me she had been to the doctor, as she has been experi..

Amazing Healing For My Aching Heart 15-Sep-2011

Dear Master TianJia, I was most fortunate to attend the heart healing in Berkeley with m..

Ants Disappeared After The Celestial Shield Class 14-Sep-2011

We have been having an intense ant invasion in my kitchen and I ABSOLUTELY HATE killing any crea..

My Dog's Life Was Saved by the Celestial Shield 13-Sep-2011

Deepest thanks to Tian Gong Universal Grandmasters of Celestial Shield Practice for the cherishe..

My skin cancer has finally gone away! 11-Sep-2011

I have felt many benefits from my Tian Gong practice. From my understanding, Level A practices s..

Celestial Shield Practice Student Sharing 25-Aug-2011

by Valerie Hausmann, California, U.S. Taking the Celestial Shield Practice was just what the d..

My Cough Disappeared Right After Attending the Celestial Shield Class Remotel 20-Aug-2011

Dear Master Tian Jia, Before the Celestial Shield class on Sunday 8/14/11 at the Center for ..

A Lifetime of Pain Gone After a One-Day Workshop 01-Aug-2011

Much of my adult life has been spent in an uphill battle for my health, both physically and ment..

Releasing Spirit Attachment Workshop Healed My Serious Chronic Body Aches! 31-Jul-2011

I attended the healing workshop "Releasing Spirit Attachment", in February, 2011. It was my first ex..

I am so Grateful to Have Found Tian Gong 11-Jul-2011

It is so wonderful to have Master Tian Jia here in the US as a Master! Being able to attend Ener..

Celestial Breathing Practice Student Sharing 11-Jun-2011

Kieryn Aquila, a long-time practitioner: "After years of yoga, meditation and supplements to reduc..

A Tribute 20-Mar-2011

At times I have experienced a lot of physical discomfort. Master Tian Jia and I spoke about this p..

Balancing the Changes of Menopause 22-Feb-2011

I have been going through the last stages into full menopause over the last two years and as of the ..

Celestial Language is an Effective Bridge of Communication 15-Feb-2011

I use Celestial Language frequently and feel it's a direct link to High Wisdom Beings, who offer..

Tian Gong Helped Clear The Energy (Yin) Feng Shui Of My Home 13-Feb-2011

"The assistance that I received through the Yin Feng Shui practices of Tian Gong provided me wit..

Releasing-Spirit-Attachment Workshop Has Brought Health And Happiness Into My Life 11-Feb-2011

"After studying and experiencing multiple forms of alternative medicine and energy healing, it w..

Student Testimonials with Introduction on Tian Gong Practices 08-Apr-2010

by Master Tianping of Germany Master Tian Ping: I would like to speak about Tian Gong. Tian G..

The healing gifts have been countless… 21-Nov-2009

Dear Grand Master, I feel so fortunate and grateful to experienced your healing transmission..

My Life is Normal Again 19-Sep-2009

I began learning the practices of Tian Gong in Nov. 1998 after attending a lecture and healing sessi..

Deep Gratitude for Teachings and Healings 09-Jul-2009

Dearest Tian Gong ~ I want to share with you my deep gratitude for your teachings and the ama..

The Symphony of the Universe 15-Mar-2009

Tian Gong has given me, more than anything, the opportunity to affect the world in a hugely posi..

The Bird that Came Back to Life 12-Apr-2008

There it was in black and white. A note from my doctor saying I could not drive until further notice..

From A.M., California, U.S. 05-Mar-2008

From A.M., California, U.S. March 5, 2008 I count myself as blessed on the day th..

From R.D., California, U.S. 30-Jan-2008

Dear Friends at Tian Gong Thank you so dearly for this past weekend. I was deeply healed b..

From D.B., Washington, U.S. 12-Jan-2008

greetings, my name is d. b., i am a 21 year old who resides in washington. I was lucky enough to..

Healing from the Inside Out 12-Dec-2007

by A.S., Berkeley, California, U.S. Since joining the efforts to save the earth, human..

From K.S., California, U.S. 09-Nov-2007

Greetings fellow Tian Gong practitioners, I was asked by my teacher to share an experienc..

A Message from the Founders of Earthdance 06-Nov-2007

Dear Le-Tian Da Shi, Thank you for participating in Earthdance's 2007 Elders Council. It w..