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Celestial Song CDs for Sound Healing

Celestial Song CDs featuring Le-Tian Da Shi - $20

Listen to these CDs with humility and open-mindedness to heal the body, mind, spirit and also to adjust the energy field at home or at work.

For Detoxification, Weight-Adjustment & Fitness

Le-Tian Da Shi gives transmissions for health and detoxification. This CD can be used as an accompaniment during practice, for example with A1-2 Celestial Swallow Practice.

In addition to detoxification, weight adjustment and improving overall well-being, it is also highly recommended for those with illnesses that make it difficult to perform physical exercise but who need detoxification, e.g. post-operation or chemotherapy. It also complements psychotherapy!

For Fatigue, Stress & Depression Healing (Relaxation)

This CD can combat tiredness, sleeplessness and a general lack of energy. It can be used to accompany meditation or meditative qi gong, for falling sleep, staying asleep, improved concentration at work or during studying, patient treatment and to dispel anxiety. It is very good for children, during illness and also as spiritual support for the deceased.

For Pain Relief

For alleviation of acute pain or reduction of chronic pain. For recommended uses, please see under CD For Detoxification, Weight-Adjustment & Fitness.

For Yin Feng Shui Enhancing (Energetic Regulation of Indoor Spaces)

This CD will assist to resolve energetic problems in the home and office. Frequent CD play will regulate disturbing and negative energies, elevate the energetic level of the space and clean the energy of the room. It can be played for hours or days at a time, preferably when there are no people in the space. Suggested times are during the day at home when everyone is away or evenings at the office after everyone has gone home, etc.

This particular CD is not suitable for use as an accompaniment to practice.