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What Are Tian Gong Qi-Infused Products?

Tian Gong Qi-Infused Products are items into which Grandmaster LeTian Da Shi has transmitted and magnified Universal energy of high vibration that transcends time and space. Products are available at Tian Gong events and by mail-order at

The products are examples of using Yang (physical, visible) matter as carriers for Yin (energetic, invisible) matter. This combination of Yin and Yang materials promotes holistic and profound healing, which may well become the main source of healing energy in the near future since Yang energy resources of the Earth are nearly depleted.

Anyone can use Qi-Infused Products regardless of age or state of health. When using Tian Gong products, you may also experience activation of your latent psychic and healing abilities. During Tian Gong practice, you may use Qi-Infused Products to enhance self-healing or to heal friends and relatives. It is a simple method but the effects can be miraculous.

Tian Gong Qi-Infused Products help to:

They make great gifts for people you care about!

How to Get the Most from Qi-Infused Products?

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