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Tian Gong student Melina lost 30 pounds over 2 months after practicing Tian Gong techniques. She has successfully kept the weight off for 2 years since then and experienced great relief from chronic pain.   Tian Gong student Melina shares her experiences using Tian Gong techniques to heal animals.
Interview with Grandmaster Letian, founder of Tian Gong.   Watch & Hear an Energy Healing Transmission from Grandmaster Letian.
Video summary of the day power transmission which took place in Zaragoza in February 2009. Teachers and Tian Tian Ping He taught us the introductory exercise of Tian Gong, in addition to a powerful energy transmission QiGong.   Pathway to the Universe Practice is one of the ten Gateway Qi Gong Practices of Tian Gong, a restorative healing transmission which can quickly bring about improved health and general well-being. It is easy to learn and suitable for all levels, ages and health conditions, allows an individual to enter into a meditative state while remaining physically active. In this earlier recorded video, Grand Master Le-Tian demonstrates all six movements of the practice in sequence.