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Energy Healing Transmissions

A Unique Type of Energy Work in the Qigong Tradition

The essence of Chinese culture lies in its understanding of the oneness between humans and the Universe. The Qi Gong culture, which goes back thousands of years, is a manifestation of this oneness. In the west, Qi Gong is becoming more and more popular as people everywhere yearn for a greater connection to the Universe.

Tian Gong Qigong energy transmissions are different from those in many other qigong practices because they connect the work of healing the physical illnesses of the body with the healing of the soul.

In addition to the daily practices which focus on cultivating the health of the body, the Universe has communicated directly with the Grandmaster and Masters of Tian Gong to bring about special energetic healing methods.

These pure energies bring about healing from the source of physical and soul illnesses which may be particularly stubborn. This means that injuries, illnesses and disturbances are resolved at a root level. Through these specific and concrete methods of transmission, people who are having illnesses which bring on a heavy-heartedness, will receive deep level healing in both body and soul.

This format facilitates pure energy to come to practitioners and attendants and to receive healing from the heart of the Universe. As part of the Universe, we humans are always in an exchange with the Universe through the energy passageways and openings of the body (i.e. meridian channels, acupuncture points), through our soul, through our thoughts, emotions and deeds.

In Tian Gong, we can receive high quality energy through energy healing transmissions. Every energy healing transmission is specific. For example, there are healings to strengthen the functions of the organs, to clear the stagnation and physical pains of the body, and to resolve soul issues. During this process, Tian Gong’s Masters and Grandmaster function as antennas who are able to relay Universal healing energy simultaneously to thousands of participants. In the 1990’s, Tian Gong’s founder Grandmaster Letian conducted these types of large-scale energy healing transmissions in China. During that time, the Chinese government honored him by asking him to conduct these transmissions to people throughout 16 provinces. He was sent especially to visit areas where there were no hospitals and few if any doctors.

Grandmaster Letian’s Mission

Grandmaster Letian, since childhood, has been stricken with serious and chronic illnesses. At age 15 he discovered the existence of Qi Gong and learned that it had a history of thousands of years in his native China. He visited many famous teachers throughout China learning Qi Gong techniques and found his health gradually and very significantly improved from a state of extreme seriousness to good health. But in the late 1970’s he again became seriously ill. When he knew that he was literally on the verge of death, with great sincerity he beseeched a well-known grandmaster to teach him the Bronze Bell Qigong technique, a practice over 1400 years old. After six months of dedicated practice, the Grandmaster found that he had healed completely from his critical condition. With the passing of time and over 10 years of consistent practice, he began manifesting various extraordinary abilities and understood what he needed to do in order to elevate the traditional Bronze Bell Qigong to a higher energetic level. Built on this foundation, he founded a new Qi Gong School and named it “Tian Gong”.
Grandmaster Letian spreads the profound knowledge about the essential truth of the Universe so that as many people as possible can benefit from this Tian Gong Qigong system. The goal of the system is to teach people all around the world their natural ability to self heal and prevent illnesses and to prepare people to walk the path of spiritual cultivation. This is his lifelong task. He proactively takes on many activities all serving one goal: resolving animosity in the world and building a peaceful and harmonious world.

The Body and the Soul Have Instant Responses

Grandmaster Letian conducts large-scale healing energy transmissions all over the world 2-3 times a year. Each time, the healings have proven to be very successful. In these types of transmissions, the participants self-healing is able to activate or to proceed at an accelerated rate. In these transmissions, it is common to receive instant healing, on the spot. The participants at such healing gatherings in Germany usually come from all across the country and are generally Qi Gong enthusiasts and others seeking a healing path and spiritual cultivation guidance. Currently, these transmissions are attended in Germany by around 300 people. They are also held in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. In China thousands of people would commonly be in attendance. Many people’s health, family situations, emotional state, psychological states often found a turning point during these energy healing transmissions. Most people are able to feel the enormous impact that qi causes. Sometimes the sensation qi causes in the body is comfortable, other times it is uncomfortable. These types of healing responses can be discerned either on the physical or soul level as:
Incorporating Universal Techniques

This type of energy healing transmission has another special characteristic. Having many participants in a group enables the formation of a powerful collective energy field. If everyone in a group can wish others success and well being, the energy of all participants will be greatly enhanced. In such an energy field we think not only of ourselves, but open our hearts to wish that everyone in the group and all life on earth be blessed with peace, health, love, good fortune and harmony. During these transmissions, we think first of other beings.

Since 2008, Grandmaster Letian has been utilizing the newest techniques on group transmission participants. One of these techniques is a “Universal Vacuum Cleaner” fitted with a “Universal Transmuter”. Even though this term evokes the thought of human technology, it is a celestial gift that allows people to feel love and the sensation of a refined and pure energy filling the body. Because more and more people are becoming ill due to viruses, dust, pollen, environmental toxins, radiation and atmospheric pollutions, this method becomes all the more important.

During healing transmission, Grandmaster Letian uses his own strength and energy to draw in the sick qi, negative thoughts and negative emotions such as fear, panic, worry, sadness, greed and hatred. He draws these negative energies out of the participants into his own body. Then with the help of the Universal Transmuter, he directs the sorting, dissolution and transformation of this energy into Universal Love. The negative energy that cannot be utilized will be sent into the black hole of the universe to be recycled. Then positive Universal energy is replenished in the body. Next, the energy that has been cleansed is returned to the participants.

For all of the people who have gone through this type of event, the experience is unforgettable. More than 80% of people report that they have felt that negative energy had been drawn out. 70% of people reported feeling the reception of good, healing energy in the form of positive information, brightness, light and love.

Reports From the Participants

Sometimes changes in the physical body are noticeable immediately. For example, normalization of blood pressure or disappearance of extra weight. During energetic surgery, one woman observed one of her lipoma tumors being sucked away. After the surgery was over, the lipoma reappeared, but was much softer. Another woman who attended a transmission in 2009 related that before she attended the event she had made an appointment for root canal surgery. After the transmission she did not need the surgery. Quite a few attendees have said that before they even entered the event site, they felt healing energy.

One woman was always coughing due to a lung disease. The morning before a large-scale healing, she stopped coughing altogether. Grandmaster Letian told the participants in 2008 that the root cause of many soul and body issues lie in the past of this lifetime or in a certain past life experience. At that time he allowed people to experience the feeling of xiu lian (spiritual cultivation) in the Time Current, which can bring you back to past lives to resolve karma. Time Current is one of the topics of advanced level Tian Gong xiu lian practices. During cultivation in the Time Current, participants can experience “the souls journey returning to the past.” This enables them to find the root cause of current issues to help effectively resolve them. In order to have better results, while engaging in this soul journey, the participants receive a special celestial gift, that of Energy Breathing. With the help of Energy Breathing, the participants can better relax to a deeper level. The ordinary daily breathing becomes even deeper and more subtle. The participants can also have a feeling for other extraordinary breathing methods, for example, breathing through the pores or navel. Extraordinary breathing lets the internal qi be better preserved and nurtured, which is a pre-requisite to longevity.

Seeing the Soul’s Past

After closing the practice, some people would report the information they received from their soul returning to the past. Grandmaster Letian would help them erase or reduce negative information so their current life would be free from their impacts.

One man always had a dislike of sitting in hired cabs. He was always frightened while inside them. During practice, he saw himself as the carriage driver of an aristocrat. One day, while escaping being captured from thieves, he drove the old horse very fast until the carriage and people inside overturned and all were killed. This incident had deeply imprinted his soul. After the healing the soul imprint was greatly reduced.

Another person saw that in one of his past lives he was slaving away as a miner in a mountain. He worked so hard, he was completely exhausted. A different woman saw herself on a battlefield. She was a soldier called a Black Rider, doing battle on horseback. She was also one who was sacrificed by a Black Rider. This relates to one of her missions in this life: whenever she hears about war activities, she will put her most heartfelt efforts into promoting peace. The memory of her past war experience was very strong. A third woman saw she had witnessed a scene of execution. She will never wear scarves or high collared shirts, unable to have her neck be covered by anything.

Tian Gong encourages everyone who attends these types of energy healing transmissions to earnestly observe his or her life changes afterwards and report back so that the results can be collated and benefit others.

Changing Cellular Information to Attain Healing Opportunity

Facing the increasing number of participants, each year Tian Gong makes adjustment on our energy healing methods. Each year they becomes more refined and powerful. Because the roots of most illnesses can be traced to the soul, in addition to the Time Current xiu lien method and the Universal Transmuter Method, Tian Gong again received a new method to transform negative energy information stored in cancer cells. In 2010 this method was elevated further. Grandmaster Letian, in healing work, may use the technique of asking the souls of the sick cells to be replaced with the soul of a healthy cell. Once the soul of the sick cell has been replaced then the cell can fully heal.

This type of energy work always works thoroughly. The healthy cells are also able to enter into a state of deeper energy cleansing, adjustment, and strengthening. Ultimately, the cells that have thus been transformed can again integrate with the healthy cells. The energy that comes from the Universe is able to immediately flow into the affected area, zeroing in on the root of the illness.

In January of 2010, a woman with cancer told, in front of an audience, of her personal experience with the Universal Purifier and Transmuter. This was her third time attending a large scale energy healing transmission by Grandmaster Letian. After each healing transmission she would return to the hospital for a check up. Every time the results showed a diminishing spreading of cancer cells. Most areas of cellular growth eventually disappeared and the two major areas were shrinking down.

Spreading Positive Thoughts

After healing work, we need to be attentive to maintaining positive emotions. To be filled with trust and confidence in the future. If possible, we must make an earnest effort to do this everyday to maintain the good healing results. All our thought, speech and deeds are energy which will greatly affect our body and surrounding environments. Whoever is able to endow one’s life with a higher meaning, will be more likely to recover his or her health. This is an ancient principle, as ancient of these Universal techniques. Unfortunately, these techniques have been long forgotten by humans.

Since energy can exert an effect beyond time and space, participants are thus able to pass on healing energy to others. To their family, friends, acquaintances and people they don’t know, only requiring a simple healing thought. By the same principle, people who attending healing energy transmissions through webcast, can also receive the same information and results. Grandmaster Letian establishes a powerful energy field at the event site. The energy is sent out from this center and is sent out as a transmission that benefits and reaches the entire globe. Only when the earth has recovered its health will humans be able to completely heal ourselves. Therefore, doing Tian Gong’s energy work, we always remember to help the Earth. The Earth is an independent life form with consciousness and is also humanity’s guardian. Humanity is the servant of the Earth. Under most circumstances, Grandmaster Letian will gift the audience with a celestial song at the end of transmissions. This helps everyone strengthen body and soul. Many participant have said that meeting the grandmaster and becoming involved in Tian Gong is a moving experience in itself. They often express deep gratitude for the special healing they have received.

Common Topics of Large Scale Energy Healing Transmissions of Grandmaster Letian

Healing of the Body:
Healing of the Soul: Please check the Event Calendar for current Energy Healing Transmissions