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Tian Gong Gateway Practices

Tian Gong Six Introductory Practices - the Gateway Practices are a prelude to the entire Tian Gong teaching method system. It is the foundation and "hun po" (soul and body) of all Tian Gong practices. " Po'(Chinese character means sprit) once united with body is called "Ti Po" (physical body), while "Hun" (Chinese character means soul) once united with the spirit of the heart is called "Ling Hun" (soul). If a fetus or an infant does not have "hún pò," it is a dead fetus or infant. Any human being could do fine without being educated, but cannot live without hún pò (soul and body). It takes the combination of beautiful soul and strong body to make an outstanding human being. You can clearly see how important Tian Dao Gong is to the Tian Gong practitioners. After that, the three systems - A, B and C are the main trainings to mature the practitioner to reach the best results of restoring and purifying one's "hun po(body and soul)", enhancing and expanding one's energy and ultimately entering smoothly the dimension of "the Unity of the Universe and Humanity." Therefore, one should place equal emphasis on Tian Dao Gong as well as the rest of Tian Gong's practice methods.

Tian Dao Gong is taught free. Every Tian Gong practitioner is obligated to share this practice by teaching others because there are so many people who need help in this world, that the practitioner should do their best to teach it to the people around them. The more one teaches, the more people one helps and the more one's energy field will correspondingly expand, and consequently, one's health, marriage, family and career will go smoothly. In helping others, one is helping oneself; in helping oneself, one is helping others. Those who dedicate their love to all beings will be successful in practice.

Tian Gong Introductory Practices currently have six practice methods:
  1. Tong Tian Gong - Pathway to the Universe
  2. Tian Xiào Gong - Celestial Smile Practice
  3. Rì Yuè Gong - Sun and Moon Practice.
  4. Gong Zì Gong - Community Practice.
  5. Shí Zì Gong - Celestial Cross Practice.
  6. Tian Ta Gong - Celestial Pagoda Practice.

Click to download: The Gateway Practices Instructions (PDF, 2802 KB)