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C System: Alchemical Practice

These advanced practices are guided by the goal to bring humanity to its highest evolution and creates an opening for a deeper understanding of how to truly be human. Highly advanced and ancient mystical alchemical techniques called Tuo Tai Huan Gu provide surprisingly modern answers for the most pressing questions on Earth and in today’s society. This spiritual cultivation process involves finalizing and ending the negative cycle of Karmic Cause and Effect from past life reincarnations. It begins with a complete renewal and exchange of the energy bodies of the physical body, leads to the eventual recovery of the original pristine soul and makes ascension into higher dimensions possible.

What Kind of Alchemy is Tuo Tai Huan Gu?

During the Tuo Tai Huan Gu process and with the support of Universal energy, body and soul are renewed so that humankind can be guided back to its original and final destination of pristine beauty.
Participants in these workshops will not only be led through the Tuo Tai Huan Gu process but will also gain insight into the Dào and learn about the Giant Universal Project of the Three Rescues – saving the Earth, healing all life and, ultimately, healing ourselves.
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C1-1 Introduction to Alchemy: Celestial Kidney Practice (Tian Shen Gong)

Renewal or Replacement of the Kidney Light Body
Prerequisites: A1-1 Bronze Bell, B1-1 Celestial Language and B1-4 Healing in Stillness
In the alchemical Tuo Tai Huan Gu process, 'Huan Gu' takes place before 'Tuo Tai'. C1-1 practice is the preliminary phase of Huan Gu. The degree of kidney cleanliness and repair achieved in this workshop will affect the success of a practitioner in the subsequent C1-2 Celestial Bone Transplant workshop.
The kidneys are the source of life and contain both Yuan Qi and Jing Qi. Since the Kidney System rules the bones and provides physical structure, kidney cleansing must necessarily be the preliminary step to replacement of the energy skeleton. Kidney cleansing can be achieved through specialized Tian Gong techniques including kidney flushing, repair and strengthening, Bi Gu detoxification, Heart Stabilization, Body Immobilization, Yang Shen and Qing Hún Practices, etc. These practices also simultaneously cleanse and heal the soul.
At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will either receive an energetic renewal of the kidneys or, depending on the degree of kidney cleanliness and the receptivity of each individual, be bestowed with Celestial Kidneys by the Universe.
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Celestial Bone Replacement (C1-2 Tian Gu Gong)

Prerequisites: C1-1 Celestial kidney. Highly recommended: B2-3 Celestial Shield, B2-4 Celestial Breathing and B1-7 Super Strength

In this workshop, the energy bodies of all five Organ Systems will be renewed and replaced to varying degrees. This is an essential component of the path towards ascension and represents a change of state for the energy bodies of the physical body. This shift makes regulation of lifelong illnesses possible, with lasting results. Workshop includes activation of extraordinary breathing techniques, telepathic communication and the ability to communicate with higher-dimensional beings.

Celestial Infant Practice (C1-3 Tian Ying Gong)

This course is not currently offered.

Celestial Clothing Practice (C2-1 Tian Yi Gong)

Prerequisite: C1-2 Celestial Bone
The Tuo Tai portion of Tuo Tai Huan Gu takes place during the C2-1 Celestial Clothing and C2-2 Celestial Hún Practices. The process allows us to recover our original pristine soul and begins in C2-1 with the removal of dirty outer layers of negative karmic accumulation from the Yuan Shen and the placement of pure Celestial layers.
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Celestial Hun-Soul Practice (C2-2 Tian Hun Gong)

Prerequisite: C2-1 Celestial Clothing
Using highly advanced and unfathomable Universal methods, this practice will begin to transform the Yuan Shen and the Yin Shen. The goal of C2-2 practice is to resolve negative karmic debts accumulated in the current and all previous lifetimes, to restore the ability of the soul to connect to the Sacred Universe, to elevate the energy level of the soul and to meet the requirements needed for the soul to return to its original home.
C2-2 will also include Mo Repelling, Tian Jing and Celestial Flight Practices as gifts to the practitioners. These methods will pave the way for an all-around activation of extraordinary faculties and plant the seed that will allow humans to fly again.

Celestial Time Practice (C2-3 Tian Shi Gong)