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B System: Soul Practices

Courses in the ‘B’ System are built around sound healing, the language of the soul and accessing spiritual gifts. After multiple lifetimes, however, our souls have become more like diamonds in the ruff rather than the polished sparkling original. With a focus on bathing and cleansing the soul of negativity and damage from the present life, the various practices in this system help students to activate and reinforce different extrasensory faculties or spiritual tools to increase the strength of soul and spirit, reconnect to life's purpose and reduce dependency on Earth’s natural resources. These tools include Bi Gu (‘living on light’), clairvoyance, energy breathing techniques, soul travel, telepathy, inter-dimensional communication, great physical strength, strength of will and character, wisdom power and unshakeable determination, psycho-emotional stability, serenity of the heart and mind and inner peace.

Please note: Because of the intensity and potency of Tian Gong practices, particularly in the more advanced courses, it is recommended that prospective students approach this energy work with an open heart, sincerity, humility and open-mindedness for optimal healing of the body, mind and soul. Please remember that gifts from the Universe are gifts for everyone. They have a two-fold purpose to support our individual lives as well as the life of the planet within the scope of the greater Universe.

Celestial Language & Expressive Arts (B1-1 Tian Yu Gong)

Sound Healer Training and Certification
Prerequisite: A1-1 Bronze Bell

Relearn a lost ability from the past – direct communication with the souls of humans, plants and animals, with nature and with higher dimensions. Celestial Language is the native language of our souls and originates from the center of the Universe. This high-amplitude, high-frequency energy-infused Language is an important key to the cleansing and healing of our own souls as well as that of other humans, plants and animals because it gathers and transmits Celestial healing Qi.
Celestial Language is particularly helpful in alleviating depression, healing friendships, family dynamics, professional and personal relationships, calming and balancing the heart and mind and assisting with spiritual development. Celestial Language can also be expressed through singing, writing, drawing and dancing (body language).

You may attend workshops for which this class is a prerequisite as soon as you have registered for a B1-1 course.

Healing the Heart and Soul (B1-2 Yang Shen Gong)

Includes Soul Bathing, Mending, Retrieving, Calming and Strengthening

The constituent of the soul called the Yang Shen can leave the body willingly but also unexpectedly if the body experiences a sudden shock. The main symptoms that will appear as a result of this phenomenon are inner unrest, fearfulness, nervousness and indecisiveness. People with a missing Yang Shen often find it difficult to follow through with tasks and to resolve issues. This workshop includes Yang Shen retrieval, repair, strengthening and calming as well as instruction in a soul cleansing technique for ongoing protection and care of the soul and the body.

Strengthening the Po-Soul (B1-3 Qiang Po Gong)

Included as part of the 'C' System workshops.

Celestial Stillness Practice (B1-4 Tian Ding Gong)

Includes Heart Stabilization, Cellular Stabilization and Threat Immobilization Practices
Prerequisite: A1-1 Bronze Bell
Strong energy engenders a welcome stillness of the body, which allows the heart and the mind to become calm and clear, healthy cells to enter a dormant state for rejuvenation and cellular disarray to be realigned. This energy can also be used to surround sick cells, cut off their source of nutrition and cause them to starve and shrink. B1-4 is particularly beneficial for chronic physiological, psychological and emotional issues. It is an opportunity for those with serious illnesses, cancer and internal organ weaknesses.

Celestial Intuition Practice (B1-5 Tian Gan Gong)

Celestial Vision Practice (B1-6 Tian Yan Gong)

Prerequisites: A1-1 Bronze Bell and B1-1 Celestial Language
Celestial Vision is much more than clairvoyance and can be divided into five skill levels. Learn more ...

Celestial Hearing Practice (B1-7 Tian Er Gong)

Prerequisites: A1-1 Bronze Bell and B1-1 Celestial Language
At an exceedingly high level of Celestial Hearing one may hear through space, underground, far, near, big, small, and past, present and future sounds.

Super Strength Practice (B1-8 Shen Li Gong)

Includes Physical Power, Wisdom Power and Heart Power Practices
Prerequisites: A1-1 Bronze Bell and B1-1 Celestial Language
This practice trains the practitioner to develop not only physical strength but also extraordinary clarity of mind and willpower, in other words, wisdom power and heart power. B1-8 unites the power of the Universe with that of humans.

Heart to Heart Telepathy Practice (B1-9 Tong Xin Gong)

Prerequisites: A1-1 Bronze Bell and B1-1 Celestial Language
Activate & strengthen skills for clear communication without audible words with Tian Gong’s specialized method, which profoundly enhances this inherent human ability.

Celestial Lotus Practice (B2-1 Tian Lian Gong)

The Celestial Lotus acts as a mirror which reflects our intentions, words and actions back to us. Regular inspection of the Lotus helps us to see our own mistakes and allows each student to go deeper into the soul purification practice.

Celestial Sustenance Practice (B2-2 Tian Liang Gong)

Includes Bi Gu and Bi Shui Practices
(similar to living on Light, breatharianism, inedia)

Bi Gu Fu Qi (or Bi Gu) is a state that is reached after the human digestive system adapts to using Celestial energy as food and water. Ceasing (Bi) to eat grains (Gu) or earthly sustenance unburdens the physical body and opens body, heart and soul to absorbing (Fu) energy (Qi) from the Universe. Entering naturally into a state of decreased or no food intake and also decreased or no fluid intake facilitates total body detoxification. Successful Bi Gu expedites the healing of body and soul for consistent light-heartedness, high energy levels and reduced sleep requirements. Bi Gu is an effective means for spiritual growth and the development of various extraordinary faculties.

Celestial Shield Practice (B2-3 Tian Zhao Gong)

Includes Celestial Shield, Celestial Paint, Celestial Purifier and Celestial Transmuter Practices
Prerequisites: A1-1 Bronze Bell and B1-1 Celestial Language

The Shield is a specialized energetic shield from the Universe that can protect against the harmful effects of viruses, bacteria, noxious substances, radiation, environmental pollution, negative energy, heat, cold and souls of the deceased. It can also dampen the force of physical impact and reduce recovery time from injuries. Persons with sufficiently developed Celestial Shields become highly effective as relief workers during epidemics, natural disasters and man-made disasters. It can also help healing professionals protect themselves from invasions of negative energy as well as enhance and advance the energy-dependent aspect(s) of patient treatment.
*B2-3 & B2-4 are most effective if practiced in conjunction with each other.

Celestial Breathing Practice (B2-4 Tian Xi Gong)

Includes Energy Breathing and Heart Strengthening Practices
Prerequisites: A1-1 Bronze Bell and B1-1 Celestial Language
Accomplishment of this practice signifies a very high level of Qi Gong mastery and was thus used by the ancients in their quest for immortality. Celestial Breathing serves to restore health and to preserve and nurture the inner Qi. Practitioners enter a blissful state of slowed breathing that is deep, long, subtle and even. Intermittent breathing, pore breathing, navel (Dan Tian) breathing and acupuncture point or meridian breathing can manifest shortly thereafter. Universalization of the human respiratory system in this way facilitates the Universalization of the cardiovascular system.
*B2-3 & B2-4 are most effective if practiced in conjunction with each other.

Celestial Wakefulness Practice (B2-5 Tian Xin Gong)

Healing Spirit Attachment (B3-1 Qing Hun Gong)

For freedom from an external source of interference to your soul
Illnesses such as a feeling of coldness, wandering pain, insomnia, disturbed sleep, hormonal disorders, depression, indecisiveness, panic attacks, unpredictable behavior, suicidal tendencies, etc. are not fully understood by modern medical science even though the symptoms are widespread and highly distressing. Many sufferers of these conditions also feel as though they are not themselves and sometimes have a feeling of being extrinsically controlled.

DSI has become a leading cause of human suffering today. With an understanding gained from love and wisdom, Da Shi and the Masters are now making a determined effort to arbitrate with these DSI-causing souls in order to regulate this growing and formidable worldwide problem.

In addition to the symptoms listed above, this workshop is also recommended for those wishing to release negative karmic energy and/or break life-long habits and patterns that may have already lead to physical or mental illness. A comprehensive approach is used in order to detoxify, heal, nourish and strengthen both the body and the soul throughout the process. The A1-1 Bronze Bell Practice is usually included to help participants reinforce workshop results.


Feng Shui Mastery (B3-2 Feng Shui Gong)

The history of mankind has left its mark on our souls, our bodies and throughout the space around us. Extremely negative emotions from ancestors can still interfere with health or relationships several generations later or create energy disturbances that are conducive to accidents. Lost and wandering souls of the unhappily or suddenly deceased that cannot free themselves from this world create the same effect. These collective phenomena can occur in the home, office or car. Students may receive assistance with this category of energetic Feng Shui disturbance from specialists trained in this practice during Feng Shui clearing workshops or at Healing Empowerments.

Celestial Divination Practice (B3-3 Shen Ce Gong)

Soul Travel Practice (B3-4 Shen Zu Gong)