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A System: Physical Practices & Meditation

The 'A' System Practices is a solid foundation in physical Qi Gong practice creates a total change in health and fitness levels, catalyzes the body’s major self-healing processes, strengthens the immune systems, prevents chronic illnesses, relieves and reduces emotional pain and suffering, reverses aging, restores inner and outer youth and increases life span.
The ‘A’ Practices also include accelerated training and certification of energy healers at multiple skill levels. For example, Celestial Palm and Celestial Leg certification can be used to advance the proficiency of massage therapists, acupuncturists, doctors of TCM, psychotherapists, kung-fu practitioners, yoga instructors, athletic trainers and other energetic specialists in similar fields.

Bronze Bell Qi Gong (A1-1 Tong Zhong Gong)

Learning to move, restore & preserve life energy (Qi) is essential for physical and emotional health. The standing Bronze Bell Qi Gong practice is renowned for its remarkable healing ability and its 1,400-year old lineage.
In addition to the standing Bronze Bell practice, this workshop includes five other single-posture practices: sitting, cross-legged, kneeling and lying down. The most unique feature of Bronze Bell Qi Gong is a meditative state during which the body experiences “spontaneous movements” driven by the body’s internal flow of Qi.
This workshop is a prerequisite for most of the B and all of the C System Practices.

Flying Swallow Practice (A1-2 Tian Yan Gong)

Flying Swallow is the most physically active Tian Gong practice. It helps to detoxify the energy body, slim & optimize the physique & increase flexibility. With regular practice practitioners can even achieve bird-like lightness & grace. For optimal results, Flying Swallow is recommended in combination with A1-1 Bronze Bell and other detoxification methods as part of a practice set.

Practices to Strengthen & Heal the Organs (A1-3 Wu Zang Gong)

Qi Gong is a gentle holistic way to balance the Yin-Yang energy and 5-Element energies in the body. Harmonization of these energies leads to improved organ function and the healing of common complaints such as allergies, high blood pressure, lower back pain, arthritis, fatigue, stress and depression.

The Organ healing and strengthening practices are recommended for the prevention (Prevention is the best medicine!) as well as the healing of most physical issues.

Celestial Palm Practice (A2-1 Tian Zhang Gong)

Expedited Energy Healer Training and Certification
Prerequisite: A1-1 Bronze Bell
A2-1 builds upon the principles of A1-1 Bronze Bell, provides continued strengthening of internal Qi and accelerates the self-healing process. Methods taught in this workshop include Qi gathering from nature (ex: the exchange of Qi with Heaven, Earth, sun, moon, trees, sacred mountains and oceans) and Qi emission to heal others, including animals and plants.

Celestial Leg Practice (A2-2 Tian Tui Gong)

Dragon & Phoenix Practice (A2-3 Long Feng Gong)

This practice is included in the C2-2 alchemy workshop.