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Tian Gong Outreach

Tian Gong Qi Gong restores emotional, mental & physical health & balance. On a deeper level, it leads students to a deeper understanding of karma, reincarnation & soul health. Teachings are based on Eastern philosophy grounded in 8,000 years of wisdom passed down by sages & ancient cultures around the world, as well as new Universal messages.

With a mission to provide global humanitarian relief aid and a curriculum that emphasizes energy-based environmental sustainability and disaster relief skills, we hope that anyone interested in changing the world for the better will find a home in your heart here — as finding your inner peace will lead the world to global peace.


Global Transformation Conference

Friday, June 29th to Monday, July 2nd 2012

Master TianJia Mu has been invited to bring her light as a keynote speaker to this year's annual Global Transformation Conference held at the ECETI Ranch, located in the vicinity of Hood River, Oregon. This private event provides great awareness to cutting-edge information regarding Spirituality and Science, in order to aid in the awakening of humanity as a whole.

There will be ten keynote speakers (philosophers, researchers, visionaries, and futurists alike) speaking on Saturday and Sunday. Each one will be offering distinctive and comprehensive perspectives to share with this beautiful group. As well, on Monday July 2nd, there will be separate workshops and meditations co-existing throughout the day. Amongst these, Master TianJia Mu will be offering a three hour workshop from 4pm to 7pm, entitled: Restoring & Rejuvenating Our Heart. The ECETI Ranch is an internationally-recognized high energy vortex site and UFO hotspot, offering a supportive and down-to-earth atmosphere for all types of humans to personally experience the multidimensional nature of oneself and reality. This is a special opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect and collaborate in a natural setting at the base of the sacred Mt. Adams.

Please note, there is limited space and it fills quickly as it was a sold-out event every year in the past. To receive a personal invitation in order to attend this Summer Conference, make your personal donation at:

A limited number of scholarships are available upon further inquiry.
For more information on the ECETI Ranch, visit

Master TianJia Mu
Speech during Weekend

Yin Sustainability: "Fill the Well" and Thrive.
How Cleansing, Healing, and Replenishing our Vital Energy Empowers Us and Transforms Mother Earth
According to ancient Chinese wisdom, everything in the Universe is comprised of Yang and Yin. Yang is the physical side, and Yin is the energetic counterpart of the Yang world. They must be in balance for any system to maintain health and thrive. Most activities we think of as supporting environmental sustainability involve actions in the physical world – the Yang aspect. The Yin, or energetic aspect, is just as important, if not more important, in bringing about positive changes and optimal outcomes in the world and in ourselves.
Every person is an energy field, as is our environment, our Earth, and everything else, constantly emanating energy waves and creating and impacting the environment. Our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions are energies affect this environment and vice versa. Since the Yin condition is the root cause and gives rise to the outer Yang effects, when we address the aspects of Yin sustainability, we greatly impact a positive effect in the physical world. In this way of understanding, just as imbalance in the physical environment affects all life, we impact the environment by how we live and treat ourselves and others. When we cleanse, heal and replenish our energy body, the entire Earth’s energy field is enhanced. In proactively nurturing our body, mind, heart and soul, we approach the world in a more grounded, connected and holistic way, and respond more effectively to changing and challenging conditions, including emergencies.
In this presentation, Master TianJia Mu will share with us powerful time-tested energy-based technologies and practices which will invigorate our vitality, nurture our well-being, engender a deeply transformative influence in our environment, and provide an invaluable "survival kit" for our challenging times. These energetic principles and solutions have an immediate and positive impact on our self-care, relationships, and lifestyle, and the application of them by more people will make us and our Earth healthier, happier, more resilient, and more abundant.

Master TianJia Mu
Workshop on Monday July 2nd, 2012 at 4pm-7pm

Restoring & Rejuvenating Our Hearts.
Healing our hearts is crucial at this transformational time for humanity and the Earth. Bridging Eastern and Western Cultures is vital, as Eastern Medical Science and Modern Research in Physics both reveal that all life in essence is energy (Qi), and that the heart is the energetic center of all human experience. More and more prominent scientists have been promoting the understanding long held by the ancient Chinese Medical System – that the heart governs our lives. In these challenging times, many people, including those active in serving others and the Earth, can benefit from methods to increase resilience and buoyancy in the face of stress, grief, discouragement, or depletion. In cultivating the energy of love, joy, and peace in our hearts, we open to our full vitality, restoring our hearts to their healthy state of happiness, harmony and balance with our minds and bodies.
In this workshop, Master TianJia Mu from Tian Gong International Foundation, a non-profit Qi Gong school, will enhance our understanding of these principles, utilize and transmit Universal Energy (Qi) to strengthen and nourish our hearts which will expand and fortify our self compassion and kindness, bringing balance to our hearts and minds. We will learn valuable practices to replenish, align and unify us with the healing of our Mother Earth. When we "fill the well", we will be supported and empowered in our service to others and the Earth. This workshop is as practical as it is spiritual.




WHERE: Concourse Exhibition Center, 635 8th St (at Brannan) San Francisco
WHO: 16,000 visitors from across the country are anticipated to attend.
WHY: Connecting Community through Mind, Body & Spirit -- Imagine a World of Infinite Possibilities.

Master TianJia Mu has been invited by the organizer of this event, Ken Kaufman, to teach two powerful, effective, yet simple Tian Gong Qi Gong practices. Please see her schedule and detailed info on the two practices below. Master TianJia Mu's information and teaching schedule is also posted on the New Living Expo website, under
We look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday 12:45-1:15 pm
Sunday 2:45-3:15 pm
Sunday 6:15-7:00 pm
(Behind bookstore in Yoga Tree Room)

1. Celestial Swallow Practice:

This highly effective and powerful practice can greatly assist us in detoxification, weight optimization, physical fitness and beauty enhancement. If you practice regularly you will enjoy the benefits of body cleansing and increased physical strength, flexibility and tone. This practice will help you lose excess weight, regardless of the causes or the type of your weight problem. If you are overly thin and would like to gain weight, this practice will help you accomplish that.

2. Pathway to the Universe Practice:

This is a meditative moving form of Qi Gong. Some of the benefits of this healing practice include:
· Pain Relief
· Increase in Energy & Vitality
· Physical and Emotional Detoxification
· Anxiety & Depression Relief
· Addiction Healing
· Reduction of Negative Emotions
· Reduction of Stress, Depression, and Fear
· Soul Cleansing
· Weight Adjustment
· Regulation of Respiratory System, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Circulatory System, Cholesterol, and Heart  Rhythm
· Stabilizing of Emotions
This practice is comprised of a few simple movements. It is easy to learn and suitable for people at any age with various health conditions.
This is a fun practice as you can talk, dance, or watch TV while enjoying the exercise at the same time!