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Event News

Enter the Feng Huang Yuan Health Preserving Retreat 18-Jan-2014

-The satisfactory completion of the first Feng Huang Yuan Health Preserving course in Hong Kong ..

Special Event: Symphony of Meditation 11/12, 13, 14, Mon, Tue, and Wed 2012 09-Nov-2012

Master TianJia Mu has been asked to co-host a special 3-day event in Berkeley: Symphony of Meditatio..

ECETI Global Transformation Conference News Report 14-Aug-2012

Written by Mary Ho Master TianJia Mu, at the invitation from James Gilliland, the foun..

Divine Communication on "Heart" 13-Aug-2012

Note: On June 26th, 2012, Master TianJia Mu received the following Divine Message in the form of a p..

C1-1 Intro to Alchemy: Light Energy Kidneys (Celestial Kidney Practice) on 1/30 & 1/31, 2012 14-Jul-2012

Tian Gong students at Rudramandir were blessed with yet another amazing transmission ..

Releasing Spirit Attachments Class 18-Jun-2012

Arts Desire~ Creative Collective in Novato hosted the Releasing Spir..

Global Transformation Conference Friday, June 29th to Monday, July 2nd 2012 03-May-2012

Master TianJia Mu has been invited to bring her light as a keynote speaker to this year's annual Glo..

Prediction of the Japanese Earthquake - Interview with Grandmaster LeTian Da Shi 13-Aug-2011

Prediction of the Japanese Earthquake - Interview with Grandmaster who shared the experience ..

WHO Calls for Action on Superbugs 25-Jun-2011

Original Article can be found in the Health Section of the Wall Street Journal: Friday, April 8, 201..

Open House on April 30, 2011, in Berkeley 16-May-2011

As people came together Saturday, April 30th, 2011, for the Tian Gong open house, there was a defini..

Two Foundational Practices: Bronze Bell and Celestial Palm Offer Empowered Healing! 06-May-2011

Tian Gong has two basic practices which can give you the tools to live a healthy, happy and empowere..

New “Language Committee” Builds Cross-Cultural Understanding in USA 20-Apr-2011

A new USA “Language Committee” has been formed, with its first monthly meeting held on J..

Energy Healing Transmission: Healing the Liver; Sending Love and Healing Energy to Japan 18-Mar-2011

(There is also an audio clip of this energy healing transmission event with Master TianJia Mu. C..

Feng Shui Healing Workshop 06-Mar-2011

Master TianJia Mu conducted another successful workshop in Berkeley. Many reviewing students ret..

Releasing Spirit Attachments and Healing the Body and Soul 19-Feb-2011

Master Tian Jia held her first all-day workshop in Berkeley, California. Twenty six students came to..

New Tian Gong groups Forming in Seattle & Bellingham 31-Oct-2010

During the summer of 2009, a group of young people from Washington state traveled to Berkeley to lea..

Qi Gong Earth Stewards - Training Eco-Protectors in an Ancient Chinese Art 06-Sep-2010

Positive News (PN) is a not for profit newspaper available in print and electronically (positivenews..

Grandmaster Letian attends Al Gore’s Presentation: Can We Save the Planet that Sustains Us? 17-May-2010

On the evening of May 17, 2010, Grandmaster Letian, accompanied by two Tian Gong students traveled t..

Defend Against Swine Flu with Qi Gong 25-Jul-2009

The increasing number of illnesses caused by the new H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) is greatly unsettling hu..