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Preparing for Class

Please Register in Advance

We ask that all students to please consider the early registration option. The benefits of pre-registration are:

1) Early Bird Discount: You will save $10 in tuition for a one-day class if you pre-register with full payment as a   new student up until 2 weeks prior to class.
2) Our teacher does a lot of preparation work before each class. Your pre-registration will increase your chance of receiving energy healing transmissions even before the class starts while our teacher is preparing for the class.
3) Our teacher does a Feng Shui ceremony many times starting a few days before the class to help every student clear the path, clear and protect the energy field surrounding them. Your pre-registration will ensure that you will be included in our teacher’s ceremony.
4) It assists the office staff in preparing workshop materials and handouts.
5) Very occasionally, workshop dates or locations might change. Your pre-registration will allow us to notify you of any change.
6) Your pre-registration will also allow us time to ask for a larger classroom in case more students are registered than expected.
7) We can guarantee a space for you in class.

You can register online, by phone, by fax or by mail. The process only takes a few minutes.

Please check the website for the latest information or call the office for the latest updates. Thank you!


Before You Arrive

For optimal results, please familiarize yourself with the information on this page.

On the morning of the workshop, please bath or shower and change into clean clothing. Please wear white or light-colored tops. Please do not wear black or other dark tops.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to allow time to relax and settle in.

• Although some students have experienced immediate healing results, we can’t guarantee or anticipate any particular result for anyone as many factors are related to each individual’s healing.

General Advice to Enhance Results

• It is recommended that you arrive in a positive state of mind and open heart.
• Relax and release all expectations for results or for being healed and simply welcome positive benefits for all.
• Gently send well-wishes such as love, peace and health to your friends, relatives and all life on the planet. This will help both you and others by putting others ahead of yourself.
• During class, be happy for the success of others.
• Please plan to stay for the entire event -- this maintains the integrity of the healing process and the group energy field.
• Please plan to use the restroom at scheduled breaks to receive optimal healing for yourself and others. If you have to leave the classroom before the next break, please leave quietly and discreetly.
• If you have another physical or spiritual practice, Tian Gong practice will help to strengthen the benefits and results from your previous training.