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Enter the Feng Huang Yuan Health Preserving Retreat

18-Jan-2014 -The satisfactory completion of the first Feng Huang Yuan Health Preserving course in Hong Kong

The opening ceremony of the first Feng Huang Yuan Health Preserving course on May 4, 2013 started with the warm applause from the attendees, Datong Grand Master, the founder of Feng Huang Yuan Health Preserving Center, the Instructor of the course took the Lecture Hall. International Qigong Science Association Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, the Deputy Chairman and Secretary General of the International Institute of Health Fitness and Longevity, the Hong Kong daily news Bureau Chief Guo Zhouli issued Datong Grand Master the highest honor of International Qigong Master. At the same time, Secretary General Guo also issued Datong Grand Master two appointment letters: Advisor of the International Qigong Science Federation and the International Health Bodybuilding Longevity Institute, and Advisor of the Hong Kong Daily.

Then, Datong Grand Master deliver a speech on Feng Huang Yuan Health Preserving and the basic knowledge of Health Preserving to 360 students. Datong Grand Master reviewed human sciences and Qigong science over the past 30 years in China. He said, “few pioneers were ahead of our team, they are professor Qian xuesen - father of human science; General Zhang Zhenhuan - father of Chinese Qigong Science; Wu Shaozu Mr -Director of National Sports Commission and President of International Qigong Science Federation; Professor Feng Lida – Vice Chair of International Qigong Science Federation and Vice Dean of Navy General Hospital; and Mr. Zuo Lin – Vice Chair of international Qigong Science Federation and Chinese Sports Qigong Institute. They engaged culture revival and human science research in with great efforts.” Datong Grand Master expressed the highest respect to these cultivators on behalf of all practitioners of Feng Huang Yuan Health Preserving Center. An extremely warm and grateful applause was circling around.

Datong master said in his speech: Feng Huang Yuan Health Preserving Center faces six tasks:
1, Research Health Preserving in scientific way;
2, Promoting traditional culture;
3,Protecting both yin and Yang environment of mother Earth;
4,To love and care for indigo children;
5, Promoting hospice care;
6, Practicing techniques from Universal.

In order to complete these six tasks, Datong Grand master said: we need to start from Health Preserving, and begin from the learning to conduct oneself properly with etiquettes. The five basic etiquettes of Feng Huang Yuan are: 1, filial piety to parents and respect to teachers, 2, deferential all beings on the Earth, 3, appreciate the wells received and return the wells to the senders, 4, conduct commitment, 5, compassion and humility.

The seven secret techniques of wellness taught in this class are: Space Walking, Universal Love Mantras, Golden Turtle Deep Breathing, Cervical Spine Care, Music is Medicine, Body Treatments and Evening Therapy.
During the seven days of learning, Grand Master did insight talk and energy transmission daily; the assistants demonstrated practicing techniques; students shared their exciting stories, and there is a talent show performance on the last night.

During the study period, staffs and volunteers took good care of students learning and daily task, such as: providing special treatment to seriously ill student; sincere daily greeting and seeking advancement in practicing. The arrangements were well organized including study schedule, accommodation arrangement, and daily meals, participants were very satisfied with it. Because Datong Grand Master instructed all staffs, volunteers and students to pay deeper attention to their thoughts, words, and deeds, he also set strict demands on all participants to be a truly qualified practitioners, the whole learning process was full of serenity, pleasure, relaxeation and harmonious atmosphere.

The good demonstration of teachers and students in the class also affected the Wu Xi Sha Youth Village camp staff, left them a deep impression. The staffs of the restaurant in the camp said with emotion when time came to departure: “we will miss you, we don't want you to leave, we want to work for you forever”.


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