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Tian Gong Certified Teachers

Our team of Certified Instructors works together throughout Northern California to provide a foundation in A System training for prospective students. In addition, our Instructors offer a limited number of Tian Gong Healer Certification Intensives throughout the year.

All Certified Instructors have received direct training and certification from Le-Tian Da Shi and have participated in the C System Tian Gong practices.

Donna Runnalls, M.S. LMFT

Facilitator, Instructor & Curriculum Development

Donna has trained under Le-Tian Da Shi since 2000. She began teaching classes, leading group practice and sharing Tian Gong soon thereafter in 2002. In her present position as the Facilitator of Instructor and Curriculum Development, she is dedicated to and has deep enthusiasm for developing classes and curriculum to connect environmental groups and individuals, who are currently active in Protecting and Serving the Earth, to the transformative energies and missions of Tian Gong.

In addition to her work with Tian Gong, Donna also serves as Executive Director for Living Bridges Foundation for the Preservation of Indigenous Lifeways, which she founded in 1997 as an outcome of her years of environmental activism. Through this work she has traveled to, written grants and developed projects for indigenous communities and the Rainforests of Peru, Ecuador and the Central Americas. In her own community of Santa Cruz, CA, she has worked as a licensed health practitioner and psychotherapist for the past 20 years.

In Alphabetical Order:

Matthew Allen

Matthew began practicing Tian Gong in 2009 after meeting a Tian Gong practitioner in Eugene, Oregon who inspired him to pursue Qigong to complement his independent study of spirituality and philosophy. Immediately, he found its practices to be very powerful tools for growth and healing, and the teachings to be vast in depth and scope yet simple in practice and relevant to daily life. Matthew felt strongly compelled to share the practices because he saw the tremendous potential they offer for healing ourselves, the Earth and all of life. He started teaching the Gateway Practices, shortly after taking his first Tian Gong class and has consistently continued to do so, recently becoming a certified Tian Gong instructor.

Matthew grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and then moved to Seattle to attend University of Washington where he received a degree in Comparative History of Ideas in 2007. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington where he regularly teaches Bronze Bell Courses and holds weekly Tian Gong Open Practice group.

Kieryn Aquila

Kieryn started practicing Tian Gong in 2005 and began teaching shortly thereafter.

He grew up and went to school in Western Massachusetts. Ki is an artist who writes and plays music for guitar and creates exotic and ceremonial jewelry.He has also been a rock climbing instructor and professional window cleaner. Kieryn has studied multiple healing modalities including Yantra Yoga,Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Western Herbalism, Homeopathy, Medical Aromatherapy,Nutrition and Western Supplemental Treatments including varies biofeedback therapies

Mikayla Hieber

Mikayla Hieber was first introduced to Tian Gong in August, 2009. Since then, it has been an integral part of her life. She began practicing and teaching the Tian Gong Gateway practices as she was attending Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington, where she recently received her Associates Degree in Arts & Science.

Currently, Mikayla lives in the city of Mt. Shasta, California. She finds joy in spending time in Nature, listening to music, writing, teaching Tian Gong and sharing her passion for helping the Earth and all life.

Mai Pham, MBA

Mai was introduced to Tian Gong in 2003 through an A1-1 Bronze Bell class with Le-Tian Da Shi. She says, "My passion for teaching Tian Gong stems from a strong belief in the practice itself and in Tian Gong’s mission. In addition to health betterment for oneself I was particularly drawn to the healing of others through Tian Gong."
Mai was born in Vietnam, raised near Sacramento, CA and currently lives in Elk Grove, CA with her husband Q and their three children. She holds an MBA in Global Management and works as a Business Analyst for an insurance company. Her hobbies include floral design and interior décor.
Certification: Gateway, A1-1, A1-2, A1-3, A2-1

Alex Williamson

Alex began practicing Tian Gong in 2007 after a long search for a comprehensive Qi Gong school and spiritual teachers. Before becoming Tian Gong staff in January 2009, he taught preschool in Oakland.

In college, Alex studied History, Philosophy, Language, and Religion at West Point (The United States Military Academy), Oregon State University, Central University for Nationalities (Beijing, China), and eventually wrote a thesis on Eastern Religion in the West at Stanford University, graduating with honors.

Originally from Oregon, Alex lives in San Francisco and considers the Bay Area his home. Other than Tian Gong, his interests include writing, earth changes, the integration of technology and spirituality, the Chinese language, and community building.

Wendy Zhang, Ph.D.

Wendy first began practicing Tian Gong in 1997 when her husband brought a Tian Gong practice group to the family's home. She became a student of Da Shi from that point onward as a result of the unexpected healing she received, her understanding of and the belief in Tian Gong’s philosophy. In 1999, she became the Open Practice coordinator for the Sacramento area and began teaching Tian Gong regularly.
Wendy is currently a Staff Research Associate in the Department of Internal Medicine at UC - Davis. She obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics in 1991 from the Institute of Genetics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and emigrated to the U.S. for post doctoral research that same year.
Wendy now lives in Sacramento with her husband Paul and their two children.
Certification: Gateway, A1-1, A1-2, A1-3, A2-1, B1-1, group healing transmissions