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Grandmaster Letian

Tian Gong Founder and Founding President of Tian Gong International Foundation and Tian Gong International Association. Da Shi currently resides near San Francisco, CA in the United States.

Le-Tian Da Shi was born in a Chinese village named Zhu-An, which is located on the bank of the Nan Qi River in Yong Jia County in Zhejiang Province, a coastal province of Eastern China. Born to a family of little financial means and suffering from multiple illnesses, he started to learn Qi Gong at a young age. He visited many famous mountains and rivers to seek out Masters and spiritual paths (Dao) and to study the secrets of sacred healing practices and the profundities of the universe.

After decades of cultivation through trials and tribulations and near loss of life, Da Shi finally realized sudden enlightenment. Now under the direct guidance and information transmissions of the Universal Grand Masters he founded Tian Gong. Using sacred, mystical places and energy fields to coalesce and radiate intense energy, Tian Gong connects to high-energy information transmissions from the golden ages of the Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria to enable practitioners to quickly and thoroughly cleanse themselves of negative energy and information embedded in their bodies and souls. This activates latent soul potential and allows sincere practitioners to advance in leaps and bounds.

Milestones for Grandmaster Letian and Tian Gong

Spring 1987

Da Shi receives instructions from the Universe to make Tian Gong public in order to engage in humanitarian relief work as its mission.

September 1989
Da Shi attends the 2nd International Qi Gong Conference in the city of Xi-An, China.

November 1990
At the 2nd Chinese Physical Education and Qi Gong Conference Da Shi gives a presentation entitled, Qi Gong and the Universalization of Humans: Insights from Tian Gong Xiu Lian, which attracts the attention of the Chinese Qi Gong community.

April 1992
Da Shi is invited to the 3rd International Qi Gong Conference in Japan as part of the Chinese delegation. His live demonstration of his extraordinary abilities and his speech entitled, Contemplation on the 21st Century: The Great Ascension of Humanity and the Giant Leap of Earth’s Civilization, is highly successful and attracts wide attention from the international Qi Gong community.

June 1992 - June 1993
Da Shi is entrusted by the National Physical Education Committee of China, International Qi Gong Science Association and the Chinese Commission for Physical Education and Qi Gong Research, to go on a year-long, 16 province tour throughout China to lecture about Qi Gong, demonstrate his extraordinary abilities and promote Tian Gong practice. As a result, Tian Gong turns into a major Qi Gong practice and it sweeps over the entire country of China.

November of 1993 & May 1998
Da Shi is twice awarded the distinction of Outstanding Chinese Qi Gong Master by the Chinese Commission for Physical Education and Qi Gong Research. In addition, Tian Gong is ranked as "Outstanding" among Qi Gong practices by the National Physical Education Committee of China and is promoted by the Committee throughout all of China.

September 1994
The Chinese Central Television station sends a news crew specializing in filming and producing documentaries about Extraordinary Faculties to the City of Hanzhou to do a live shoot at a demonstration of Da Shi's extraordinary faculties and to film various practices with tens of thousands of Tian Gong practitioners in attendance.

January 1995
Da Shi is invited to tour five European cities and the United States, where he later founds Tian Gong International Association and the non-profit organization, Tian Gong International Foundation.

In the years that follow, Da Shi works primarily out of San Francisco, Berlin and the Canary Islands, naturally connecting with those who resonate with Tian Gong. He, together with his assistants, spread the virtues of practice, give practice transmissions, treat illnesses & provide humanitarian relief, activate latent soul potential in practitioners, facilitate cultural exchange between East and West, transmit Universal messages and cultivate rescue personnel, who are specially trained for humanitarian relief efforts and to save the Earth.

Da Shi begins leading his students on Xiu Lian journeys to over thirty countries, where they conduct paranormal research and studies of sacred and mystical regions of the Earth, relics of ancient civilizations, different civilizations from the past and from higher dimensions. They place an emphasis on the following locations: Easter Island in the South Pacific, the Himalayas, the Alps, the Rocky Mountains, relics left by the French heroine Joan of Arc, sacred and mystical sites in the U.S., relics from ancient Greek mythology and the island of Crete, Spain, the Canary Islands, the Great Pyramids and the Nile River Basin in Egypt, Mayan relics in Mexico, the Netherlands, India, the Bahamas, the Bermuda Triangle, Peru, Bolivia, Italy, San Marino, the Vatican, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Thailand, the Arctic Circle, Fatima in Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Lourdes in France. Through the use of extraordinary faculties including Celestial Vision, Celestial Hearing and Celestial Feet practices, they receive an extensive number of Universal messages.

Da Shi leads students on a cultivation journey to the Himalayas where he is challenged by a test of life and death and emerges from the experience having taken a monumental leap forward in his level of Xiu Lian.

June 2003
Da Shi visits Roswell, New Mexico, the site of a UFO-sighting in the U.S., where he receives an important message from higher-dimensional Universal Grand Masters: Tian Gong will bring forth the secret Tuo Tai Huan Gu Xiu Lian method on a global scale to catalyze the emergence of a new type of human and to usher in the approaching new era of a Universalized humanity.

September 2003
Da Shi receives an important message regarding the Universal Grand Undertaking of the Three Rescues from the heart of the Universe to Save the Earth, Save all life and Save the self in Berlin. This further confirms the three missions of Tian Gong: To purify the Earth’s energy field, to respond to the three major disasters and to advance the people of Earth.

Between 2004 and 2006
Le-Tian Da Shi receives many urgent messages from the heart of the Universe: Humans were only meant to be temporary guests invited here by the Earth Deity; yet they have reversed their role and assumed ownership of the Earth, recklessly killing, invading, plundering and extorting it. At present the Earth-host is heavily wounded and scarred, with thousands of ulcers and gaping holes – more than half of its energy has been lost and it is on the verge of death. The great catastrophe that will fall upon humanity is thus drawing ever closer. However, major crises also mean major opportunities. Everything will be solely determined by the people of Earth. The Universe has already officially launched its plans in full force to save the Earth, to save humanity and to save various types of souls. The Universe has requested that Tian Gong expedite the delivery of this urgent message to people around the world and to fully cooperate with the Universe as it carries out this momentous task.

Based on the message above, Grand Master urges all Tian Gong practitioners to see the interdependent fate of the Earth and all of humanity as their own, to work together with people around the world who share the same intent, to be diligent and wise in their Xiu Lian and to respond bravely to the worst recurrent catastrophes of our time. As an individual is engaged in this process of completing the sacred mission of the Three Rescues, he/she will complete his/her own process of ascension.