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What is Tian Gong?

Tian Gong is one of the most famous of the major Qi Gong schools in China. It is a unique form of Qi Gong. Not only does it catalyze health and wellness, regular practice can also heal the soul and spirit, ignite wisdom, activate and enhance extraordinary faculties, reverse aging and restore youth.  Tian Gong is an abbreviation of Tian Zhong Qi Gong or Celestial Bell Qi Gong. Its predecessor is the 1,400 year old ancient Chinese Tong Zhong Qi Gong or Bronze Bell Qi Gong. In the late 1980s, after years of practice, Le-Tian Da Shi manifested a phenomenal transformation of energy through Tong Zhong Qi Gong. Tong Zhong Qi Gong was thus transformed into Tian Zhong Qi Gong - now known as Tian Gong.

Tian Gong came to the Western world when Da Shi emigrated to the United States in 1994. In America, he founded both Tian Gong International Association (TIA) and Tian Gong International Foundation (TGIF), a non-profit educational institution. Today, TGIF offers workshops throughout Northern California and is supported by a volunteer team of Certified Instructors and Local Coordinators.